"Why write? To shine a light; to right a wrong; to shape chaos into art; to know what we think; to pose difficult questions; to challenge our own beliefs; to connect. Because we have to." -Dani Shapiro

This is my humble attempt to share my thoughts with the world. Occasionally a bit of poetry or prose will find its way onto the screen as well.
If you were to ask her, my mom will tell you I have always loved books. One of my first memories from when I was very young was me taking a bunch of board books and lining my crib mattress with them. (Maybe because I've heard this story from my mom so many times!) When I learned to read and write, I always had my nose in a book, and it was only natural that I started writing stories and poems of my own.
I've been blogging for 5 years and have grown a lot in that time, my blog transforming along with me.
The written word is my passion, and I hope to inspire that in others.

pc: Joy Lucas


My name is Sarah and I'm a weird mixture of a lot of things. For instance, I want to see the world, yet at heart I am a homebody, so basically when I'm done traveling I want to know I have a place to come back to. ;) 
If you like personality quizzes, I'm an ENFP, so I'm a pretty even mixture of introvert and extrovert; my extroversion is just slightly more prominent.
My friends and family have described me as sweet, bold, creative, and funny.
I am 20 years old, and I love Jesus, playing games in the worn dirt patches amidst the grass in the backyard, sunshine, running around barefoot, summer days on the porch with sweet tea, swings, open windows, lightning bugs, hammocking, the beach, handwritten letters, tea, the smell of fresh-cut grass, long walks, candles, stepping on crunchy fallen leaves, and laughter.
When I'm not reading or writing, more often than not I can be found listening to music - and probably singing along too. ;) One day it's something like Audrey Assad, maybe Hunter Hayes or the Lumineers, another and it's Lecrae, or twenty one pilots, and yet another day, it's Taylor Swift. I have varied tastes. ;)


What does "in over my head" mean? 
When I came up with the idea to redesign my blog, I knew I wanted a new name. The old name for this blog was Half a Heart, and before that I had a blog titled "My Randomness and Ramblings". Yeah. I was that girl.
I knew with this new name change that I wanted something I would keep for a while, that I wouldn't grow tired of easily.
At the time, God was moving mountains in my life, and I was overwhelmed with His grace. Not long after these mountains began shifting, Bethel Music released their new album "We Will Not Be Shaken" and the track from that album titled "In Over My Head" deeply resonated with me and became sort of a theme.
As I considered blog names, things kept leading me back to this song. I kept noticing more and more things in my life that had to do with grace, and I just knew:

I am in over my head, soaked in His grace.


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