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I yawn and stretch as I rise, fumbling down the stairs. I start the coffee maker and eat a small something while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, it drips right into my favorite mug. I "doctor" the coffee and then carry it with me back to my room and set it down while I pull out my project.
The wheels in my mind start turning and I forget all about my coffee - my mind is a mess already thinking about all I want to accomplish. Working on one thing but thinking of something to add to another project I've been working on!
My mind is constantly distracting itself, always working on more than one thing at once, meaning multiple projects are going at a time. It's not exactly conventional, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
It may take me three times as long to finish something, but I love thinking of the perfect little things to add here and there.

My friend bought me a waterproof notepad to stick in the shower so I can scribble down my ideas - that way they don't end up going straight down the drain when my mind wanders off to thinking about something else - and my brilliant ideas are lost no more. She did this after I told her I had been in the shower and completely forgot part of a poem I had in my head. haha
This reminds me of stories of other creatives - creative geniuses, more like (disclaimer: haha. not calling myself a creative genius. at. all.) - such as Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, or Beethoven keeping pocket notebooks with them to furiously scribble down their ideas wherever they were, whatever they were doing, that had sparked their creative senses.
Don't try to make sense of the mind of a creative. We don't know how to explain it ourselves, we just try to embrace it and use it to the best of our abilities: to try, to make mistakes, to learn, to keep learning, and to grow in the areas of our creative pursuits.


I recently made this scarf, and before that, a baby blanket for my sister's sister-in-law. I do more than just knitting, but I've been in a knitting phase lately. ;)

What are some creative projects you've been working on recently? Do you ever like to write down your ideas like I talked about?


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