hello monday & links I'm loving

Today I'm linking to Lisa Leonard to share some hellos this week. But first, here are some links I've been loving lately:

Defending the Faith in the Public Arena by John Piper Really enjoyed listening to this sermon last week.

The Stories We Tell  "When conflicts arise, when bad things happen, whether caused by the world or one of our very own sisters, we have the incredible opportunity to extend grace."

Grafted Magazine Issue 7

She is Loved

hello monday and a new week!

hello to counting down: 16 days.

hello, hopefully, more sunny days? I'm grateful not to have had the flooding some have with hurricane Joaquin, but we've sure been getting the rain!

hello, planning a trip...even if it doesn't happen it's still fun. Reading hotel reviews can be very amusing.

hello, mending - my favorite thing. ;) I've got a small pile going and I've given myself a goal to fix all of it this week.

what are you saying hello to?


  1. Planning a trip? TAKE ME WITH YOU.

    Hello to you, dear. <3

    xx Mackenzie

    1. hehe YES!
      Aww you are seriously the sweetest! <3


    2. I'm saying hello to you because I've just found your blog! I love your design and your posts, amazing <3

      a little bit of sunshine

    3. Well hello, then! Thank you so much! Followed you back! :) <3