pressed on your heart

if i'm a book,
then i'm one of those books you see on a shelf that,
when you open it,
looks a little marred -
i'm a mess inside
with tear splotches on the paper
blurring the ink
from where the words were pressed on your heart
in all the right places.

i'm a beautiful mess,
but not in the story i would write.
i am only beautiful
because my Author has made me so.
my pages were covered in black
from all the times i've spilled ink
when i tried to snatch the pen from my Author's hand.
i tried to fix it,
time and time again with an ink blotter
but my pages were too dark.
i could not remove anything,
in fact,
i made it worse.
my Author asked me to give Him the pen again,
promising me that he would give me a story
unlike any i could ever write,
His story would be filled with plot twists and tragedies,
but unlike mine,
it would have a happy ending.
it was a painful change -
but he ripped out the marked up pages for me
and made me a whole new creation.
he gave me a new cover and new pages,
this time with His story written upon them.
i can only see a few words sometimes,
but He knows what the rest of the pages will hold,
and best of all,
He holds me in His hands.


  1. Wow. This is beautiful. I could feel it, and when a writer makes a reader feel, they have accomplished their job. <3 <3 <3

    xoxo Morning