We met because of social media (pt. 1, God paving the road)

What would you say if I told you a little over 5 months ago I went to the-middle-of-nowhere Virginia for a few days to meet up with 21 women I met on the internet?

Because I did exactly that and I had so many adventures there and now so much to share.

Let's fly back in time to... January 11, 2014. The much anticipated day the Delight retreat website would be up. I looked at it longingly, thought about how much I would love to go, and I prayed a few times "God, you know the desires of my heart, you know how much I want to go. Let your will be done."
My friend Hannah was working towards going to the west coast retreat. We even talked about it a few times and we said "Think how funny it would be if we both went but to different ones!"

Fast forward to March 23, we were Skyping again and talking about how her retreat was only a month away, and the east coast retreat would start in a week and a half. I was sure by now there was NO WAY I would be able to go. "I think maybe I'll go next year." Looking back now, God surely had to have been laughing at my lack of faith.

A couple days later and it's the 26th. I unsuspectingly log on to my Facebook and see I have a message from Savannah who's all excited and telling me in all caps that Erin, the leader of the east coast retreat, posted in the Delight Facebook group about three spots for girls being re-opened and she had a partial scholarship she needed a girl to take ASAP. It all hit me so fast but yet the first emotion I felt was fear. I was terrified my mom would say no (let me just say something real quick: my mom is not a bad person. I know she wants what's best for me, and like for everything, some opportunities I want to take just don't work out. LOVE YOU MOM), but feeling that fear helped me realize two things: 1. how strong the desire I had to go really was, and 2. that I hate asking for things. It seems even more silly now than it did then but I cried on my bathroom floor for half an hour ....about being afraid I couldn't go...? Yeahhh makes tons of sense, Sarah. *facepalm*

I took a breather for a few minutes to pray and summon up some courage, but was able to regain my composure and ask my mom and figure out some details that were essential for my mom to let me go (surprisingly, meeting 21 people from the internet in the middle of nowhere wasn't one of them), and that night I went to bed still a bit skeptical, telling my friend Savannah "I still feel like for some reason it won't happen." I can imagine God then, leaning forward, eating popcorn, watching me and slapping his knee like "Oh wait till tomorrow morning, Sarah." *insert crying laughing emoji*
The very next morning, the 27th of March, I sent Savannah the "I CAN GO" message because that day I finalized everything. With only A WEEK before the retreat would start. Pretty surreal. God is so awesome I can't wrap my mind around it. I totally doubted Him and did not deserve to go. But He placed that desire there in my heart, He hand picked me to be at the retreat and He made a way for me. He made it happen.

p.s. I'm gonna rip a page out of Elizabeth's book (she went to the west coast retreat) and tell you a few things you should do while you wait for the next post:

i. read more about Delight, then check out the Delight house website and prayerfully consider donating. your help would be greatly appreciated!!
ii. look up the Delight East Coast retreat hashtag on instagram (#delighteast14)
iii. keep on waitin' (waitin') (now i have this song stuck in my head) patiently for this year's retreat video. I know it's gonna be beast, 'cause Jordan Brittley is working on it.

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