life of late (and really late)

so um...*coughs* obviously this picture is old because my hair hadn't been cut yet. I took this on my birthday. *cringe* Yeah. It was good enough I still wanted to share it though. ;) seem a bit vain? I don't care. :p

Savannah's cat Scooter.
Apparently he doesn't usually like people holding him but he let me hold him for a really long time which made me feel awesome.

Went to the beach again this year, this time with more people.
We went for tons of walks at the beach, mostly at night. One night we got caught in the rain and had to have a stranger drive us home because we were still 30 minutes away and didn't want our phones to get destroyed. plus we couldn't use our phones because they'd gotten so wet already!!
One day there was a shark in the water only about 20 feet from Savannah and Ashton! It was during shark week though. ;) We also watched 6 of the Harry Potter movies. XD haha
And at one point we crammed four people into the backseat of the van. haha It was awesome!! :D
l-r: me, Abby, Ashton.

Abby, me, Ashton, Elizabeth

Abby, Elizabeth, me, Vannah

I've been really trying hard on gluten free and this was one delicious success. :)

Hi my name is Sarah and I enjoy snapchatting and pie

two weeks ago we drove up to Indiana for my sister's wedding.

it was colder up there.

car selfies ;)

I went glue gun crazy putting stuff together for the wedding.
I think the chalkboard was my favorite.

I also got to see this pup again! We kept him for about a month last September before my sister's friend took him. :)

the happy couple. ^_^ Love them to pieces.

so we bought this game and I love it like crazy. it has taken my love for Jane Austen to a whole new level. alas it was only a limited time thing funded by kickstarter and there are none left now. (they really should make more though, and games for the other books too!)

I've been reading tons lately. the library is practically my bff.

I'm still sending and receiving snail mail but not really blogging it as much.
my friend Joy sent me this card recently and I thought it was awesome so I took a picture of it. ;p

I've been writing awesome quotes on my wrists a lot -- and sometimes forgetting and people ask me what they are. oops. :p

studying....blech. Studying....student...dying...accurate.

Crafting! I've been sewing a lot besides making this, too.

my pen jar needed some sprucing up. :)

well, there's some of what I've doing lately. ^_^
what are you up to?? :p

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