I've been busy...ish...doing things...

I am not blogging very consistently this year, but that's okay. My main goal for it this year was to keep it the way I wanted it, and if I happen to not feel like posting, I'm not going to force anything for it.

I've been to Indiana and Pennsylvania this summer, and am going to the beach soon with friends. :)

chilling in the hammock is always cool. ;)
(until the dog chewed two gaping holes in it and deemed it unusable :( )

...why do my iPod photos always look worse on a computer? I promise my arms aren't actually orange.
I had two inches cut off my hair. It needed it. haha
Before: (pardon my sleepy face)

after: (and straightened...my hair is always poofy after getting a haircut #curlyhairproblems)
(by the way, I love the shirt you sent me, Hannah girl! :))

I found the glasses I had from when I was 8. Not only did they not fit correctly anymore, I wasn't used to wearing them so I had to keep laughing at how ridiculous I thought I was. I hated those glasses with a passion. (Also my sis says I look like an old family friend of ours in this picture and I agree on the resemblance...it's kind of scary)

OOTD one day

I've been dog watching a few times. A friend of mine was supposed to be moving this summer, so when people came to look at their house we brought the dogs over to ours. They're not moving anymore. (Thankfully :) ) And some new neighbors have asked us to dogsit for them a few times as well.

Snapchattinggg (also just realized it looks like part of my thumb is missing...it's not. haha)

experimenting with different makeup

Twitter-ing (I really liked this and thought I'd share :) )

I met an angel. At Hot Topic. ;) (BTW I HAVE JOINED A NEW FANDOM)

Playing with this lovebug (she won't sit still for a picture :p )

that's just some of the stuff I've been up to, but I wanted to do a little update.
I'll try to be back again soon, but I make no promises. ;)

xoxo Sarah


  1. So good to read a post from you. :) I'm also happy you like the shirt. :) Oh and that can not be Missy, is it??? WOW she has gotten SO big. haha :)

    1. that "lovebug" is indeed Missy. haha She's grown up fast. :) I miss her puppy days but it's easier now not to have to watch her every minute and to still be teaching her commands. XD We found out Moriah can take her to the doggy day care for free when Moriah is working, which is such a blessing. :)
      It was good to read a comment from you. :)

  2. WELCOME TO SUPERNATURAL! Yo can't have Castiel or Sam...but you can have Dean :)

    1. thank you, thank you, for the warm welcome. :p I'm guessing you're the one who likes Cas? ;) I know Megan's claimed Sam. haha