Where on earth have I been?!

packing *cough* procrastinating...


painting my nails...


road trippin' with people I've never met. (this chick is awesome btw)


I was about to say retreating here....but that makes no sense. XD
hanging out at a retreat with 21 internet friends I'd never met.

hanging out with these two crazies. Sarah (left) and Moriah (right) Stuff like sleepovers and going to a fair. :)

Spent another week at Savannah's recently, and then she sent me this for my birthday last week. :)
(sarannah's kind of a joke. we made it up as our friendSHIP name ;) haha)

watching Vines over and over and pausing them, then proceeding to die of laughter.

working on house projects like this one

completely removing a broken tree with the help of friends and neighbors.

sipping on coffee for sanity...and trying new makeup (nude-colored lipstick here ;)).

baking and birthday partying.

I um... got carried away with the sharpie. My mom made me wash it off. :( haha But I did manage to scare several people, and my little brother also asked if I was counting how many days I'd spent in prison. -_-

being creative. :)

apparently I have better cursive than I thought I did. A ton of the girls at the retreat took pictures of this globe and I felt famous. :p

and also I've been discovering a bunch of new music. :) But that could be a whole nother post ;) haha

I'm working on more posts. :) I know I say that a lot. :p But I am honestly trying to blog a little more often than once or twice a month. I'm just offline more often now. (Which isn't a bad thing :)) I've got several drafts I need to finish - too many different thoughts going through my head at once. :p

Have a lovely day. :)
Sarah xox


  1. I actually did the silence markings before. :} I loved making people freaked out.. XD But my mom made me wash it off to.. :p

    1. awesome! haha and not awesome. moms just don't understand it. ;)

  2. Ahhhhhh I did the Silence marks too! :D

  3. Hey girl, hey! I've missed you! :D Looks like you've been having an awesome time. ;) *drools over chocolate cake* A retreat? With 21 internet friends? Now that sounds AMAZING. Why wasn't I invited? XD ;)

    Hope you're having a lovely day!


    1. Howdy hey! I've missed you too! I have been. ;) The retreat was quite awesome. haha I heard about it through a facebook group I'm in. Not sure if you have an FB but the website is here. :) Maybe next year. ;p XD