'I don't need God.'

My brother's dog has a ton of energy, and is still being leash-trained so sometimes it's not the greatest trying to take her for a run or walk; instead, we have a lead outside we can attach her to and she can run/walk within a certain distance.

One day she walked around a tree and got all tangled up in the lead.
My mom, my sister and I were the commentators watching from the kitchen window while my brother went to untangle her.
We were saying how her legs got all tangled up, and how so often the case is when you go to untangle her that she tries to bite you, not with the intent to harm, but because she doesn't understand what you're doing and she just wants to be free.

I said "I wish she could just see we're trying to help her, maybe then she'd quit biting us."

I was thinking, and I wonder, how many times do we end up in a mess thinking we know what we're doing, and when God tries to turn us in a different direction, saying "I just want to help you," we fight back with saying "No. I am going to stay here. I want to be independent. I can figure it out by myself"?

If you're praying and the answer is not a clear yes, it could be a "not right now", or a "no, dear". We need to take these answers and trust that God knows what He's doing.

God just wants what's best for us.
There's one thing I'm always working on, getting rid of all the unnecessary 'noise' in my head to make room for God.
Let's listen to Him. Let him lead you and untangle you from this crazy mess we call life.

xox, Sarah


  1. Okay. I absolutley adore your new blog! Like, eek! \(^.^)/ Its so perfect. :}
    And I love this post. Its so true. :)
    Xxx. Kayla

    1. ^_^ THank you! :D I love it too. :)
      Thanks. :) <3

  2. Hey! I tagged you for the Sunflower Award over at Found and Cherished. (:
    And I love this post so much. The metaphor/picture/illustration is beautiful. :)

    1. Aww thank you :)
      I'll hopefully finish that tag soon. XD ;)