long hair, don't care.

I looked to see what pictures I had uploaded of late. I have mostly videos I'll probably never upload, and then a month's worth of selfies.
I have found so many quotes recently that I think are absolutely great, so I'm sharing them, and I figured I'd share some of those selfies too. hehe

We've gotten a lot more snow this year than usual.
"Do not apologize for existing, for being yourself. Apologize when you are not."
-Natalie Patterson

um...pardon the towels. haha
 "If all else fails, repeat after me: I am enough, I am enough, I am most certainly enough."
-Natalie Patterson

mah un-tame-able lion's mane I call hair
"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody."
-Kid President 

On Valentine's Day, a community of girls and I decided to celebrate by
wearing pink lipstick and posting photos on Instagram.
 "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." 
-Lilly Pulitzer

late night skype with friends is great.
waking up early the next morning? not so great.
"Conversations really are the best after 3 am. The heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words and silence is not awkward, it's shared."
-Author Dau Voire

my sister visited recently and braided my hair a lot.
i miss that. and her.
"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we might as well dance."
 -Jeanne C. Stein


This picture was pretty much the only other one I had.
On February 27th, I put a red X on my hand (with lipstick....I didn't have a red marker, okay?! needless to say, a stain lasted for several days after the 27th. haha), to stand up and make others aware of modern day slavery. We need to end it.

just a brief 'hello' to kind of say I'm still alive. haha!
be back soon, I promise. there's stuff I want to say. xx


  1. Replies
    1. Right? :) I loved that one so much. :)

  2. You, pretty girl, always make me smile. I get excited every time I see you write a new post. :) Can I see your videos? ;)

    Love you!

    1. Aww. :) Thanks for you kind words, dear girl. <3 You always make me smile too, and I can never get enough of your blog posts/letters/messages. hehe <3
      Sure ;) Seriously, would you want to see them though? haha They're so random sometimes. XD
      love you girly!

    2. Aww you're so sweet dear friend! Yes, I would love to watch them. You make me smile. <3

    3. Awwww ^_^ I'll have to get a few of them up soon. :) You make me smile too, dear. :) <3

  3. You're so gorgeous! Beautiful pictures and I love all those quotes. Love the one about never apologizing for being yourself

    1. D'aww Lydia! Thank you so much! I have to remind you you are mighty beautiful yourself. :)
      That one I think was my favorite out of this bunch. :) I just found it yesterday. :)

  4. Hi, Sarah, I like your blog!

    1. Hey Violet! :D Thanks for coming to check it out! I'm glad you like it. :)

  5. I love how real your blog is! I always love finding other Christian girls who like to just write and be random too :P keep it up! And if you'd like you can check out my blog, too: ashley-ashstash.blogspot.com :)

    1. Thank you Ashley! :D I love that too. :D I'll definitely be checking out your blog, for sure! :)
      Thanks for 'stopping by' and leaving a comment! ^_^

  6. Oh my goodness. You are so pretty. And you're making me crave long hair, if it's possible to crave something that's not food.
    I'm peeking through your blog and it's so beautiful! I love the title. hehe.


    1. Oh my! Thank you so much!!! Haha I do think it's possible to crave things that aren't food. :)
      So glad you like my blog. :D I'm pretty pleased with it myself. haha Glad you like the title ;)