It's funny, life.

It's funny how you can pretend you don't care about a person as much as you actually do, then when they're gone, you realize how foolish you've been to pretend like that.
To lie to yourself. To not attempt a deeper, closer friendship with that person.
To realize you never once even told that person you thought they were "cool" or "awesome". It was true, wasn't it?
Or maybe there was just something about them, you couldn't quite put your finger on, that you really admired. Maybe it was the way they simply responded to you every time you spoke. Maybe it was the way they treated their family that made you think "maybe I should be a bit more like that". Or maybe it was their kind spirit you loved to observe. Maybe you laugh more when you're around that person, because for some reason, you just like them. And no matter what that reason is, if somebody brings you that kind of joy and happiness in life just by being around them, keep them around for a while. Make conversation with them sometime, tell them you think they're awesome, that they inspire you.
Say something, heck, say anything to them, as long as they know you care.
You care that they can speak up about something they love or enjoy when it is being ridiculed, you care that they upload a video to YouTube every week, you care that they're working extra hours just to end up at a retreat they've been looking forward to for over a year. You just care. And I think that's a great thing, caring. I wish more people would care. Not about silly, meaningless details like the pessimists, hypochondriacs or drama queens and kings of this world. Care because you love. Care because our Abba, our kind, loving Father has created these people, and they need love just like you and I.
They need to be reminded that they're beautiful, that they're their own harshest critics.
They need to be reminded that they have worth and that their life is never something to be taken for granted, never something to be taken lightly.
Yes, life hurts sometimes. Sometimes for a very long time, but you've got to hold on because there is always hope. Always.
That scar on your knee from when you were five and you fell on the steps near the playground? It's beautiful because it is a part of you and it tells a story. A story that says you made it through. And you can do it again.
You have the gift of life, don't take it lightly.


  1. Thank you so much, Sarah. God is our eternal peace!!!

    1. Thank you, Heather, for reading and supporting. :) Yes, and isn't He wonderful? :D